Fidelity® Investments Money Market Funds Treasury Portfolio Institutional Class FRBXX:NASDAQ

Net Asset Value$1.00Previous Close - 9/17/2019
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Growth of $10,000 Since Fund Inception

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Fund Profile

Fund Strategy

The Fund seeks a high level of current income as is consistent with preservation of principal & liquidity within the limitations prescribed for the fund. The Fund normally invests 80% of its assets in U.S. Government securities and repurchase agreements issued by entities that are chartered or sponsored by congress.

Fund Category Taxable
Inception Date 05/14/2014
Manager Team Managed
Fund Classification Instl U.S. Treasury Money Market Funds
Managed Since N/A

Fund Highlights

Total Expense Ratio0.14%
Average Market CapitallizationN/A
Net Asset ValueN/A
Total Net Assets$14.4 B
Sales ExpensesInstitutional Load Fund
Minimum Initial Investment$10000000
Minimum IRA InvestmentN/A
AvailabilityOpen to New Investors
Current Yield2.21%
Dividend Ex-Date08/31/2019

Risk Analysis

Beta vs. S&P 5000.03
R-Squared vs. S&P 5000.17
Standard Deviation0.22%
Sharpe Ratio-3.55
Portfolio TurnoverN/A