Dreyfus Treasury Obligations Cash Management Fund Institutional Shares DTRXX:NASDAQ

Net Asset Value$1.00Previous Close - 10/14/2019
1-Day Change0.00(0.00%)
YTD Change0.00(0.00%)
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Total Return Performance as of 10/14/2019

Cumulative Performance
1 Day1 week1 Month3 MonthYTD
Dreyfus Trs Obs CM;Inst (DTRXX)+0.01%+0.03%+0.14%+0.49%+1.73%
Percentile Rank664129
Annualized Performance
1 Year3 Years5 Years10 YearsSince Inception

Cumulative Performance
1 Month1 Year5 Years10 YearsYTD
SEC Performance as of 09/30/2019----------
After Tax Pre-Liquidation----------
After Tax Post-Liquidation----------