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Here's How Much You'd Have Right Now If You Invested $100 In Tesla When Elon Musk Was Sued By The SEC In 2018
5:30PM ET 5/26/2022 Benzinga

Investors who placed their hard-earned cash into major U.S. indices have enjoyed respectable returns since fall 2018. The SPDR S&P 500 ETF...

5 Stocks Moving On The US Government Spy Satellite News
4:18PM ET 5/26/2022 Benzinga

The National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) is the United States agency that manages the designing, building, and maintaining of the country's intelligence...

Market On Close Imbalance: $1.8B To Buy Side
3:32PM ET 5/26/2022 Benzinga

Elon Musk Warns His Followers Of A Population Collapse: Should You Be Worried?
2:49PM ET 5/26/2022 Benzinga

Earlier this year, Tesla Inc...

Peace Talks With Russia Are Not Really Taking Place, We Are Discussing Security Guarantees With Partners
2:32PM ET 5/26/2022 Benzinga


Draghi Says Russia's Putin Told Him That Food Crisis Is 'Fault Of Sanctions' Imposed On Russia
1:21PM ET 5/26/2022 Benzinga


Italy's PM Draghi Says Upcoming Food Crisis Will Have 'Giant Proportions,' With Terrible Humanitarian Consequences
1:20PM ET 5/26/2022 Benzinga


Fed's Brainard Says I Think Congress Should Legislate Regulations For Stablecoins
12:46PM ET 5/26/2022 Benzinga


Fed's Brainard Says Very Important For United States To Remain Dominant In International Payments; Says If Other Countries Issue Digital Currencies, Important To Think What That Would Mean For The U.S. Dollar
12:25PM ET 5/26/2022 Benzinga


Author Of 'How To Murder Your Husband' Convicted Of Murdering Her Husband
12:10PM ET 5/26/2022 Benzinga

From the Department of When Life Imitates Art: The woman who authored an essay titled “How to Murder Your Husband” was convicted of (what else?) murdering her husband.