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JPMorgan's Kolanovic Says Markets Are Going To Move Higher
5:16PM ET 5/12/2021 Benzinga

The market is a bit oversold, Marko Kolanovic, JPMorgan's chief global market strategist, said on...

The SPY Loses A Key Level Wednesday: What's Next?
5:08PM ET 5/12/2021 Benzinga

On Wednesday morning, market bulls and bears battled over the SPDR S&P 500...

President Biden Says He Came Away Encouraged From Infrastructure Meeting With Republican, Democratic Lawmakers; Says He Sees Room For A Compromise On An Infrastructure Bill
4:50PM ET 5/12/2021 Benzinga


President Biden Says He Has Lifted Restrictions On Transportation Of Fuel
4:48PM ET 5/12/2021 Benzinga


President Biden Says Approval Of Vaccines For Children 12 Years And Older Is Another Giant Step In Fight Against Pandemic; Urges Parents To Make Sure Children In That Age Group Are Vaccinated
4:45PM ET 5/12/2021 Benzinga


The QQQ Was Hammered Again Today. Here's Why.
4:37PM ET 5/12/2021 Benzinga

U.S. indices were trading lower across the board Wednesday after CPI data showed an increase in U.S. inflation, which has weighed on stocks.

President Biden On Colonial Pipeline Says 'I Think You're Going To Hear Some Good News In The Next 24 Hours'
4:23PM ET 5/12/2021 Benzinga

Market On Close Imbalance: $2B To Sell Side
3:55PM ET 5/12/2021 Benzinga

Market On Close Imbalance: $1.2B To Buy Side
3:40PM ET 5/12/2021 Benzinga

President Biden Wants A Bipartisan Deal On Infrastructure
3:32PM ET 5/12/2021 Benzinga

-Reuters citing MSNBC interview